Why We Support Center 50+


We believe the most important resource in Salem is the 50+ demographic, the group Center 50+ is designed to serve. This group has life experience which makes them able to provide the resources and assistance to every other age group.

The Friend’s of Center Mission  is to keep this vibrant group of people healthy, involved, and engaged so they can continue to serve their role in our community as leaders, supporters, mentors and catalysts of change. Personal growth, development, and quality of life are advanced through Center 50+’s programming:

  • Health, Fitness and Wellness
  • Lifelong Learning – enrichment and growth
  • Support Groups and Respite Services

  • Recreation and Socialization
  • Artisan Shops and hobby exploration
  • Retirement Planning

  • Technology and Career Exploration
  • Travel
  • Volunteerism – ACT NOW